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Kenny’s projects (so far)
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Keep an eye out for the CAVEMEN…

Picture from Tyler Kandel Photoshoot. - KWO
Throwback Thursday.
Kenny and Lee

Kenny Wormald - Trent Dickens ‘Because Of You’

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(X) New Kenny Movie!
Cavemen(2013) - Writer/Director: Herschel Faber
“Cavemen” is a comedic film with a slight edge of drama revolving around the lives of somewhat single, somewhat unemployed guys living in a warehouse converted to living quarters in the ‘Arts District’ of Downtown Los Angeles, California they are toiling adulthood and realities of love.

Carly: Seeing Kenny!!


HOLY SHHHHHHHHHHHH!T. Okay, so I knew Kenny Wormald was in my city filming a movie, and I joked with my friend that we should stalk him. But we were randomly driving down her street to go out and we see all these people on the side of the road…then see film equipment…and then see KENNY WORMALD…